Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So you're turning it on!

Mujo and Janez got a job to chop wood. First day, Janez got fifteen timbers down, Mujo did just three. Second day, Janez got twenty-two down, Mujo five. Third day, Mujo sneaks out behind Janez to see how does he do it. Janez just takes a stroll down to the place where he worked the day before, gathers some wood, lights a little fire, makes a coffee, has a breakfast with it, cleans up his dishes, packs them back, takes his chainsaw, turns the engine on... and then Mujo jumps out of the bush: - So you're turning it on!

Ever been in a situation when you had to write a long workaround - and then later saw a straightforward and simple way to do it? All it takes is knowing how to turn it on. :)

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